Please read each agent's bio and MSWL before querying them.

Cindy Bullard

Senior Agent

Cindy has ten years of experience in working with editors, agents, and publishers, as an 
author, on the "other side," of the desk (she 
uses a pen name). Cindy opened Birch Literary to help other writers on their own path to 


  • Please do not submit unfinished work.

  • Please pay attention to word count  guidelines below. 

In adult fiction, Cindy is looking for traditional mysteries (standard PI, classic detective, or 
cozy), true crime, police procedural, thriller, 
and suspense. 

In children's fiction, Cindy would like to see middle grade and YA (sweet, quirky, mystery, cozy). Please do not send MG or YA that has dark or heavy topics.

At this time, please do not send romance or picture books.

In nonfiction, Cindy loves books about nature (kids and adults), memoir, self-help from experts, and personal narrative.

Submission Guidelines



  • Pitches received during conferences or pitch sessions.

  • Indie authors seeking representation for 
    subsidiary rights.

  • Publishers seeking representation for subsidiary rights. 

  • Authors who have been referred to me by an existing client

Please check back for updates. 

When open to submissions, my preferred submission method is:

Cindy at Query Manager.

Suggested Guidelines for Word Count

Adult Fiction Romance 70 - 90K
Adult Fiction Mystery 70 - 90K
Adult Fiction Cozy Mystery 50 - 60K
YA Fiction 60 - 90K
Middle Grade Fiction 30 - 50K

Lori Colvin

Literary Agent

Lori has a special empathy for authors, having penned over 150 books herself, under a successful pen name. A fierce advocate for her fellow writers, Lori understands the publishing industry from many different viewpoints, and she does her absolute best to tailor her approach to meet each author’s needs.


If a book doesn’t grab Lori on the first page, she generally won’t read any further, so bring out your best right away. Lori's looking for fresh viewpoints in multiple genres, including WF, Thriller, Book Club Fiction, Mystery (but no Cozy), and more.

Things she's not seeking at the moment: Romance, MG, or PB.

If you can make Lori laugh, cry, gasp, or stay up all night reading, you may be a good match.

Submission Guidelines

Please send your query to

In the subject line, type ATTN Lori, and include your project's title.

Please send all of the following in the BODY of your email. Attachments will not be opened and your query may be declined if this guidance isn’t followed.

  • Genre

  • Word Count

  • A 1-2 sentence hook 

  • A SHORT query. Please do not send a summary disguised as a query letter. If you don't know how to write a query, there are multiple online tools to assist you with this.

  • A 1-2 page summary that hits the high points only. 

  • The first ten pages of your manuscript.

Kay Cornett

Literary Agent

Before joining Birch Literary, Kay began her publishing career as an intern at Folio Literary Management after receiving her MFAW from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Following a role in marketing and public relations, she landed Birch Literary. As an agent, Kay takes an active role in the editorial process and is dedicated to cultivating a long-term career and vision for her authors.



  • Adult literary thrillers, mysteries, suspense, and well-researched true crime

  • YA in any genre (but she's particularly fond of fantasy or a good origin/fairytale retelling)

 Also eager to read:

  • Coming-of-age stories featuring main characters with scratchy voices

  • Immortal characters and unlikely love interests

  • Ghost stories that keep me up at night, but no horror


  • Cookbooks (plant-based, regional, or fresh spins on old classics)

  • Lifestyle Nonfiction: health, wellness, relationships, parenting, lifestyle, interior design, minimalist/clean living, fitness, apothecary, mindfulness

  • Platform-based Nonfiction: must demonstrate a built-in following with expertise in the specific professional space

 Also, (very) selectively seeking:

  • Narrative Nonfiction and Essay Collections that make me see the world differently

  • Poetry Collections that haunt me (in the best way, of course!) 

Submission Guidelines

Please send your query to

In the subject line, type ATTN Kay, and include your project's title.

  • A brief query letter

  • The first 10 pages of your manuscript 
    pasted in the body of the email.

  • No attachments, please. 

  • For nonfiction, please send 
    a detailed proposal that includes the first two chapters of the manuscript.