Cindy Bullard


***Cindy is closed to submissions.***

Cindy is a new literary agent with experience on the “other side of the desk.” She’s the author of three series, writing under the name, Cindy Cipriano. Her work is award-winning and has received critical acclaim. After ten years of writing, working with editors, agents, and publishers, she is branching out, eager to help writers on their own path to publication.

Cindy is looking for children's books  (humorous, quirky, or sweet), romantic fiction (with happy endings), and cozy mysteries.  At this time, please do not send crime, fantasy, horror, paranormal, procedural, sci-fi, suspense, or thriller. 

Submission Requirements

*Cindy is closed to submissions.*
Please query Cindy with your publishing history and a one-paragraph synopsis of your book along with the first ten pages of your completed manuscript in the body of your email to

Please do not submit unfinished work.

Please state the genre of your book in the subject line.